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Online and mobile banking services are available to our business and private clients who live their lives on the move. Administer your banking business according to your schedule. Latest tweets from the United Community Bank (@ucbi). None of the two programs allow me to connect to the bank. United Community Bank > eServices.

eServices. eServices. eServices. eServices.

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STAFF ONLINE BLANKING staff online blanking & mobile blankingUnited Community Bank provides a wide range of community bank management solutions to help you use and maintain your account anytime, anywhere. Online and mobile banks allow you to Follow this step-by-step guide to explain our online financial functions. In order to use our mobile application, just browse the application Store or Google Player and start your mobile business.

To find our application, search for the United Community Bank LA in the Apple Store or Google Game. By choosing United Community Bank for your online trading, you have full online and wireless connectivity to help you run your online and wireless trading operations on the move. Using Online Commerce you can:

In addition, we provide business services such as ACH Origination and Merchant Deposit through our Business Online Banking Service. In order to use our Business Mobile App, you must be registered in Business Online Banking.

Online-Banking | United Community Bank

Display accounts: Allows you to see the balance and transactions of your bankroll. Moving money: This is where you can make transfers between UCB bank Accounts, make payments (learn more about our Bill Payment service) and make payments to other users (learn more about our free online). Here you can cash cheques with your phone's digital still and check your earlier payments.

Look at all your credit card details and turn them on and off if you lose or steal them. All UCB offices can be viewed here and a free ATM locator can be accessed. This is where you can safely email the bank by making a "support request" and reviewing the replies. Administer alerts:

Allows you to create customized notification messages that you get via e-mail or text. This is where you can see your bank statement and messages. Telephone: Check or modify your e-mail addresses here for bank balance alarms and other notification. You can rearrange your bankroll, re-name bankroll, fade out your bankroll, and fade out your own dashboards.

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