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In addition, our branch and online banking teams are at your disposal. Note: If you click on the map above, you will leave the Union Bank website. These are just a few things you can do to manage your account in online banking after logging in: Explore online banking with Alyssa P.

The Bank of Southern California N.A.

All our seasoned professionals are 100% committed to offering the level of customer care you would want from your own bank. More than 21 years of avarage bank expertise means that each of our solution-oriented account managers knows how to help you and your company be successful. Our full spectrum of bank products and solutions are designed to suit your needs. Working with you to develop the best tax strategy, resolve your finance issues, and optimize your bank expertise.

For us, your comfort and your problem-free bank transaction come first. Our bank solution helps you reach your individual finance objectives. Delivering quick choices, competitively priced and imaginative responses to your commercial and individual finance needs. We are a locally based commercial bank and have made it our mission to offer you our own individual bank expertise.

An experienced staff of solution-oriented professionals will work with you personally to help you reach your individual and career objectives. Our goal is to provide our individual clients and our companies with the personalised bank management services they need to reach their objectives. Find out more about the Bank of Southern California and how we can help you or your company be successful.

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Strategically integrating approaches

The United Bank is a New England Communities Bank that was created after a 2014 fusion of peers with Rockville Bank - two incumbent, high-performing banks with more than $5 billion in wealth. The United Bank is a full-service bank with progressive bank technologies, value-added services and a dedication to the society it serve.

Bank's stringent timeframe for launching a website was in line with supervisory issues related to the transaction, and bank managers wanted the company to be seamlessly presented to clients. Strategies was instrumental in the development of a new website architectural style that connected the existing United Bank and Rockville locations efficiently. Requiring an individual styling that reflected the advanced, unparalleled and accessible features of the new family.

While maintaining the sense of Gemeinschaftsbank with the Bank's dedication to invest funds in the communities, we needed to strike a healthy balance between serving consumers and business needs on one single trading floor. The ZAG designers used the mega-menu navigator to provide easy page accessibility with minimum clicking. Our aim was to achieve the required contemporary look through large pictures and advertising spaces as well as a clear and concise style.

Photos of individuals in active activity throughout the site involve the users and communicate kindness and a sense of fellowship. Our reactive designs are designed to be adaptable to all types of portable device and tablet. In addition, we have been creating new and streamlining current contents to provide clear accessibility to on-line financial services, clear prompts for actions and the addition of cleaner, more advanced and advanced standards of excellence.

SEO Best Practice was also used by our marketers to enhance the attractiveness of United Bank's online services and win new clients.

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