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The United Bank of India (UBI) is an Indian state bank based in Calcutta, India. On-line declarations, control pictures and tax documents give you the certainty that your data is securely stored. Online banking free of charge; Free online invoice; Free United VISA Check Card;

No minimum balance required; Unlimited cheque creation. Cash, Cheques, Demand Draft and Net Banking, District, IMPHAL. Below you will find our holiday and closing times.

Learn how to hotlist or block the United Bank of India ATM Debitcard.

When you are a United Bank of India UBI client and have had your ATM debit cards lose, steal or damage, you must immediately lock the United Bank of India ATM debit cards to prevent incorrect or malicious transaction. There are several ways to lock the UBI ATM cards, but the best and fastest is to call UBI support or use an on-line web hotlist to list the cards. Type in your bank details and your capturecha number, and proceed to the next step.

You can hotlist the cards using either the 13-digit bank statement number or the 16-digit number. In English, push 2. When you want the A/C No. 1 to add the board to the list. Push 2 for hotspot list with map number. Type the 13-digit A/C number or 16-digit credit or debit number.

For confirmation, push 1. The Client may keep this number for his/her records / any further communication with the Bank. The UBI ATMs/debit cards can also be blocked by emailing debitcardcare@unitedbank.co.in. or by registering for e-banking and selecting Retail users -> choose Cards blocking options. They can also go to their home or the nearest United Bank of India office and ask them to cancel the ticket and apply for a new ATM ticket by making some payment for services.

Online-Banking Hilfe-Center - Registration not possible

Should you have difficulty signing up for online banking, you can use one of our self-service utilities if you can no longer retrieve your username or your passwords. Have you forgotten your username? Forgotten or blocked your username - After you have entered your current username ID, click on "Forgot password?" in the field below your username and click on "Forgot your username?

When you are blocked, after you enter your current user ID, a page with the blocked password is displayed. Your password can be unlocked and unlocked by going through the password recovery procedure. Please refer to our Online Banking Help Center for more help on login information. For further support, please call our People's United Call Center at 1-800-525-9248 and we will be pleased to help.

Call center staff are available from 7:00 to 23:00 ET 7 working days per day.

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