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Debit Card United Bank

With your United Bank debit card, you can shop in complete relaxation. The speed, ease of use and security of credit and debit cards make them an indispensable part of any personal banking solution. Personal debit cards. The United Bank offers standard debit cards and mascot debit cards in our Swipe for Schools program. The United Bank & Trust debit cards are a convenient way to shop at a retailer or use an ATM for deposits, withdrawals or account queries.

The United Bank | Fraud Protection

When your card is designated as at risk, United Bank will promptly and free of cost substitute your card for your protection. There' s a new number on your card. We will send you a note stating that your card is at risk and inform you that your new card is on its way. Rest assure that you are not liable for any deceptive activities in connection with the card trade-off.

How do I get my new card when I do? Once you have received your card, please enable it. Deactivating your new card will disable your old card. We will disable your new card on that date if you have not enabled your new card by the date of your notice note in order to safeguard your privacy.

The new card you issued has a new number. Like always, keep your balance under surveillance by verifying your activities via your on-line bank accounts or your month's statements. If you see any activities you suspect, call us immediately so we can help you. Changing your current bankroll to United Rewards Check. It provides day-to-day tracking of your loan history with email/wireless notifications and unrestricted availability of your Equifax rating and your record.

If you become a victim here, United Rules Checking also provides a refund for ID scams with solution support for you. The use of cards in some jurisdictions may be restricted for safety purposes. When you plan to go outside the United States, please consult a support agent before your departure.

Don't ever give out the three-digit safety number on the back of your debit and debit card unless you make a TOUCH POSITION, whether by phone or over the web from a safe website. A phishing (pronounced "fishing") is when a individual or group of cybercriminals creates a copy or replica of an established legal website to induce a user to provide personally identifiable information such as debit or debit card numbers, bank user name and passwords, employment numbers or identification numbers.

Achieve this by using a reputable trademark of reputable banking, merchant and card issuers. Do NOT reply if you get an e-mail, SMS or phone call asking for your details! The United Bank will never make phone enquiries or text or e-mail communications to review or revise your sensitive client information.

Don't ever give the three-digit safety number on the back of your debit and debit card unless you make a phone or online transaction through a safe website.

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