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In order to report the loss or theft of your card, please contact United Bank Customer Service. This unique service is FREE for United Bank debit card holders. Register a lost or stolen debit or credit card here. Customize your banking business by designing your own debit card! Debit cards are safer than cash and easier to accept than cheques.

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A Visa Credit Card allows you to streamline the way you handle your spending and your money - so you can get back into your game. Choose the one that suits your needs. Ranging from daily to yearly spending, a credit card makes your bank life easier.

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Swiftness, user-friendliness and safety make your card an indispensable part of every bank transaction. The United Bank card offers the Visa® brand of worldwide reach and client protection, yet still reflects the level of client support of a Gemeinschaftsbank you can rely on - because your phone call is always routed to our call center here in Zebulon, Georgia.

Endeavor Rewards partnerships are the finishing touch and offer you a wide range of ways to cash in the points you make with your card.


otherwise (document.layers) { write('''') write('') write('') write('') write('') } document.write('') } document.write(') } More than 15 years of security and security expertise in card handling. Do you know that credit/debit card revenue reaches $2.5 trillion every year in the US alone? Do you generate your revenue from the sale of credit/debit cards?

Reporting a card lost::: United Bank

They may not know it, but they have round-the-clock security against the ever smarter card cheat. This is because your United Bank Card is secured by a scam control system. When there is a suspicion of cheating, an analyst calls you and identifies himself on the name of the United Bank of Michigan as a cheating department of the United Bank of Michigan.

When you are not available, a greeting will be displayed asking you to call back and talk to an Analyst. When you need to notify the loss or theft of your card, call our support centre during office opening times at 616.559.7000 or 1.800.472.3272 outside office opening time.

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