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Register for online banking. Visas Small Business Credit Cards 1% introductory APR for shopping and transfers####DISCLAIMER:2_0 UB SB Credit Card - APR SB Visa######1 for the first 6 month your bank is opened. After the introductory phase, your annual interest rate is 12.24% to 20.24%, depending on your credit rating.

3 percent initial credit charge for each $10 or higher transactions for the first 6 month your bankroll is opened.

After the introductory phase 5% of each trade (minimum $10). Administer your main maps simply on-line, define spending thresholds and create notifications. Access your free account online: Get more hands on management and account management around the clock: Perform one-time payment or create repetitive automated payment. Visa® additional credit voucher benefits:

Provides you with quick, round-the-clock help with Visa® product issues. Notfallkartenersatz / accident management bar payment: Our 24x7x365 global services enable you to quickly and simply get a Visa substitute and/or get your money at a suitable place. Click here for a complete list of Visa Global Customer Assistance Services toll-free numbers.

Reports about lost/stolen cards: Make it simple to notify a missing or a stolen credential at any time, around the clock, around the clock and from anywhere in the globe. To maintain the 0% initial annual percentage rate of charge on your purchase and transfer for the 6-month introduction term, you must make all payment when due, meet your line of credit and have not expropriated any payment for any cause.

Failure to do so may result in the application of the annual percentage rate of charge of up to 29.99% to all credits, up to and including any credit transfer. APR may be imposed for an indefinite period of time. We have the right under the Card Owner Contract to modify the Bank Statement for any purpose, without prejudice to existing laws, even if your credential changes.

Your funds may be paid in the order we select from occasion to occasion. However, we must respect the laws in force for the use of your funds. Currently, the Bank can initially make disbursements on all programme and interest costs. When you have made a deposit that exceeds the requisite reserve, we will credit the amount in excess of the reserve to the main balance, beginning with the category of balance that has the smallest yearly percentage.

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