Union Bank Debit Card Designs

Bank Union Debit Card Designs

In order to get your designer debit card: Be creative and design your U-Design debit card today! Bank Union Debit Card Designs. Bank Union Debit Card Designs. Money is donated by the bank to the artists' most popular charities.

Create your own personalized debit card

Become imaginative and create your U-Design debit card today! The Union Bank U-Design debit card service is available to clients with an open face-to-face current accounts in good name. is only available for consumers debit card (and not for WorldCards or business debit cards). With our simple designer tools, you can personalize your Union Bank Debit MasterCard with your favourite picture or select an item from our on-line library for a US$10 handling charge.

Union Bank's U-design debit card is issued under the following conditions: For a $10 charge, you can customise your card. AGREEING TO REMOVE THEIR OLD CARD AS SOON AS THEY HAVE RECEIVED THEIR NEW CARD, THEY SHALL HOLD THE UNIONSBANK FREE AND CLEAR OF ANY LOSSES ARISING THEREFROM.

By sending your picture to Union Bank's U-Design debit card service, you declare and confirm that you have the exclusive right to use the picture and that you have obtained the necessary permission for Union Bank to modify, copy, reproduce, display, prepare and use the picture or derived works of the picture on the individual debit card.

Every picture must have the permission of the owners, even pictures that have been download from the web. THEM YOU DECLARE them you declare that you understand that the union bank, subsidiaries, associates, management, partners and employees shall hold harmless and shall defend and defend against any claims or demands, even if made by an attorney, save as may be appropriate. At the Bank's insistence, you hereby declare that you are in agreement to immediately send the personalised card back to Union Bank U-Design Debit Card Services.

Custom MasterCard® debit card is available for members with an open MasterCard® debit card. Tailor-made debit card works like a normal debit card and is acceptable wherever MasterCard card is used. The Union Bank retains the right to refuse photographs that have been sent. In the event that Union Bank deems pictures to be non-acceptable and transmits them repetitively, Union Bank retains the right to forbid the use of this feature in the near term.

Every picture which Union Bank considers intolerable shall be associated with the Union Bank name. MasterCard reserves the right, at its absolute option, to refuse any submission that does not comply with the Bildrichtlinien. If your picture does NOT comply with the above policies, you will be contacted by e-mail within two workdays.

In case your picture is declined, we ask you to send us an alternate picture. Please feel free to ask our Customer Care Team for more information on how to design your own debit card:

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