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It is recommended that you take a modest amount of cash, your Union Bank Debit MasterCard and at least one backup credit card with you. At these ATMs you can check your account balance, make deposits, transfer money and withdraw cash. The MasterCard debit card can be used for shopping or cash withdrawals at ATMs and can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted. Can I withdraw money from a current account without a cheque or ATM card? Visas debit cards are more convenient than writing checks and better protected than carrying cash.

The UnionBank of the Philippines - UnionBank, SSS issues payment card for payment by e-mail

In cooperation with UnionBank, the Social Security System (SSS) introduced the UnionBank SSS quick card. This is a VISA credit card associated with a saving bank card on which members of Short Sea Shipping can now be paid their salaries and, finally, their sickness, maternity and compensation payments (SMEC). The members benefit from a fast and secure way to receive their advantages as they no longer have to line up at the bank to pay in or cash their cheques.

UnionBank SSS Quick Card is a Visa credit card associated with a bankroll. Can be used at ATMs or Visa acclaimed merchant outlets to make payments for member transactions. There will also be facilities for wireless and on-line banks and members will be notified by text message as soon as their money is on the card.

"In line with the focus of Short Sea Shipping on the use of e-communications, UnionBank has established a partnership with the EEA to enable Short Sea Shipping members to benefit from its advantages in a simpler way. Simply get your UnionBank SSS Quick Card and pull or cross it out," said Arvie de Vera, UnionBank Cash Management Product Head. In addition to the recognition of payroll and SMEC credits, the SSS Quick Card will ultimately be a conduit for the recognition of SSS pensions and retirement credits.

In order to use the fast card, an SSS member must go to a UnionsBank newsstand in select SSS outlets, complete the necessary bank opening documentation and await release of the card on the same date. UnionsBank newsstands can issue the SSS Quick Card or activate SSS UMID ATM cards.

There will be 16 SSS stores with pilots' stands in SSS Diliman, Gil Puyat and Pasig Shaw. Most of the remaining newsstands will be available in the first trimester of 2016. Emilio de Quiros Jr. (centre) and UnionBank Chairman and CEO Justo Ortiz (3rd from left) present the mock-up view of the SSS-UnionBank Quick Card with (from left) UnionBank First Vice President for Corporate Banking Group Ma.

SSS Senior Vice President (SVP) für die Administration Group und Officer-in-Charge of Lending and Asset Management Division May Catherine Ciriaco, UnionBank SVP und Head of Corporate Banking Center Frederick Claudio, SSS Assistant Vice President for Member Loans Department (MLD) Boobie Angela Ocay and SSS MLD Corporate Executive Officer III Miriam Milan.

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