Union Bank Card Activation

Activation of the Union bank card

The access to telephone banking is easy. Please contact the branch from which you received the activation. We have therefore added chip technology to Union Bank Debit MasterCards. Activation of debit cards and PIN change: To activate your ATM card.

All you need to know

In order to register and activate your new card, please perform the following actions. Next, to protect your bankroll, you will be asked to verify your postcode, the expiry date of your new card and the last four numbers of the main bankroll holder's National Insurance Number (or Fiscal Code). Please fill in your e-mail adress and your safety question.

You will be informed that your authentification was successfull and asked to log in with your new username and password. If you have not yet enabled your new card after logging in, click the activation button at the top of the page in pink to enable your new card.

In order to log in to your card balance, please complete the following procedures. To protect your computer you may be asked to answer one of your selected safety issues.

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In order to enable your new card or modify your personal identification number at any moment and from anywhere, dial 800.992.3808. Visas® Debit Card - Shop and get your hands on your Visa® Debit Card when you're on the move. In order to help the federal authorities combat the financing of terrorist acts and illicit funds, federal legislation demands that all banks receive, check and store information that will identify every individual who opens an orbit.

If you open an affiliate bankroll, we will ask you for your name, your postal adress, your date of Birth and other information that will enable us to recognize you; we may also ask you to see your driver's licence or other identification number.

A Detroit Credit Union debit card

Check on the way! Easily shop with MasterCard, which blends ATM card features with POS transaction options that charge your shopping directly from your One Detroit Credit Union current accounts. Now all 1DCU-debitcards are equipped with a mikrochip. Through our relationship with the CO-OP ecosystem, 1DCU members have direct contact with more than 100 ATMs and branches.

Cash dispensers in this community can levy a commission on you when you use them, but our members receive a restricted number of free ATM operations per months, dependent on the nature of your current accounts. In order to find a CO-OP machine in your area, please click here. In order to enable a new debt card, please call the master card activation number at (800) 466-0040 and listen to the announcements.

In order to notify a loss or theft of a MasterCard, call (800) 754-4128. The 1DCU direct debits cannot be used in every autohouse. You are invited to use your 1DCU VISA card at these sites.

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