Union Bank Atm Charges

Favourable Union Bank fees

Visas has entered into a partnership with UnionBank for this first transfer service in Asia. Learn how to avoid ATM fees and get free cash. Possibly you can use free ATMs at credit cooperatives or networked ATMs. A list of participating ATM locations can be found at www.atmaccess.

net. Your bank or credit cooperative as well as the owner of the ATM can charge you a fee.

The UnionBank of the Philippines - Characteristics and Advantages

Please note: UnionBank retains the right to request its clients to present more than one ID in order to clearly identify their identities, addresses and sources of funding. Passport (s) should not have elapsed and must contain your photograph. They must be genuine and dependable. Bank employees/staff may ask you to produce other identification documents to confirm your real identification or that of the originator opening the same.

Present your identity card(s) to the bank. In the case of businesses submitting a copy of the identity card, the corporate secretary should certify its genuineness by means of a notarised secretarial certificate. Photocopying the Business Name Certificate of Affirmative Business Name Certification with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is accepted as long as you provide the source copy to make sure the copy is an genuine and truthful copy of the source.

In order to be accepted, please present your passport and ACR-I passport (for long-term residents or tourists of more than 180 days) as IDs. Visit any UnionBank office to find out where the closest UnionBank office is located. An employee of UnionBank will lead you through the entire procedure.

ATM SUM Network | Free cash dispensers for an extra charge

Get cash at tens of millions of in-network sites across the country. Let's face it, no one wants to make additional payments just to have their own cash. That' s why Union depositors can make free cash outs at any of our over 150 cash machines in Virginia. We are part of the SUM ATM Net - a compilation of tens of thousands odds-free* cash dispensers at joint ventures and cooperative lending institutions across the country.

It' simple to find a SUMmenautomaten with cash dispensers all over the state. Simply look for the vibrant crimson SUM emblem on the cash dispensers taking part when you choose to go to Green or use the ATM location on the SUM ATM Network website.

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