Union Bank Atm Card Replacement

Bank Union Atm Card Replacement for Atm Card

Please have your card replaced immediately by an EMV chip capable card. It was an ATM card from Union Bank. See the advice on the Union Bank's website: EMC technology is currently one of the most effective tools for preventing the spread of debit card fraud. Credit Card Alerts - Protect your account and sign in today!

This is how you receive a new EMV card from the Union Bank

The UnionBank has already stated that all ATM and non-EMV compliant debt card will be disabled by 31 March 2018, with the exceptions of GSIS UMID, GSIS eCard, SSS UMID and SSS Quickcard. Have your old card with the new UnionBank EMV card replace to prevent inconvenience and outages.

This is the worldwide industry benchmark for smart card technologies for card transactions, whether card transactions are done by card, direct debiting or pre-paid. The EMV chip-based card is a safer option to conventional magstripe carding. How do EMV boards differ from swipe boards? Conventional card magnets contain statistic information that can be readily duplicated by scammers using a basic and cost-effective siphon.

In contrast to a swipe card, the EMV card chips generate a clear movement identifier which can no longer be used. Because of this vibrant authentification capability, scammers find it hard, if not practically impossible, to forge EMVs. EMC smart card technologies have proved their effectiveness in minimising counterfeiting, skipping and other fraudulent activity associated with swipe card.

Scammers have relocated their shameful operations to still highly dependent economies such as the Philippines. As a result, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) requested that all bank card holders should have an EMV device to help secure card holder operations and mitigate scams and skipping.

UnionBank card holders are obliged to substitute their old swipe card with the new EMV-card. A new UnionBank EMV card can be obtained by performing one of the following procedures, according to the card used. Ewallet requires that you please go to each UnionBank office to request a new card.

Please consult your customer advisor for Platinum Debit. It will be your Human Resources department that carries out the exchange of your card. If you are a pensioner or member of Gröditzer Institut für Pensions (GSIS), please await further communications from your local Gröditzer Institut für Pensions (GSIS) branch or agencies regarding the planned release of maps. Your new UnionBank EMV card can be applied for on-line within 3 to 5 bank workingdays of updating your bankroll.

For UnionBank EMV card queries, please call the UnionBank support line at (+632) 841-8600.

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