Second Opportunities

The second chance

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Second Opportunities (#1) by Judith McNaught

Coporate rider Matthew Farrell was a long way from the penniless, dirty child of Indiana's ironworks. Far away from the countryside where he had ventured to fell in love with a pretty blond called Meredith Bancroft, and knew a lifelong fervor and treachery that he still remembered.....

Now, global supremacists wooed him, the masses watching his every move, and he was willing to invade the realm of Bancroft. Meredith had once resisted her dad for the sexual magnetism of intensive Matt Farrell - and her short, unhappy wedding was the devastating result.

Now that the Bancroft company is under threat of a take-over, Meredith is compelled to face Matt.

Which is not a show?

What is the function of serials? In order to make a serial or insert a work, go to a Work page. General Knowledge section now contains a Serial area. Type the name of the serial to include the volume. Pieces can be part of more than one set. Sometimes, as with the annals of Narnia, differences of opinion over the order require the establishment of more than one set.

Tip: If the sequence of the sequence is a sequence, insert a number or other term in brackets after the sequence name ("Chronicles of Prydain (Book 1)"). When you want to enforce a certain order, use the symbol of | to split the number and the part number. Which is not a show? Developed to address groups of volumes that are generally considered as such (see Wikipedia: Library).

As with many books, the "series" is a somewhat flowing and controversial term. One good general principle is that serials have a traditional name and are deliberate inventions of the writer or editor. First, do not force the theme with simple "lists" of works that have an indiscriminate common feature, e.g. in relation to a particular place.

Do not use serials that overlap writers unless the writers were or became interested in the serial identifier (e.g. do not lump) Jane Austen with her sequels. You should also try to prevent publishing houses from publishing serials, unless the publishing house has a real right of way over the "works" in dispute. The dummies guide is therefore a set of works. However, the Loeb Classical Library is a set of issues, not of works.

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