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PLEASE IMPORTANT information about your new MasterCard! Obtain all the purchasing power you need with a MasterCard debit card from Peoples State Bank in WI. Rewards credit card with Platinum MasterCard. Mastercard's Peoples Bank of the South Platinum Collection offers you a choice of three different card styles:..

.. All our current accounts come with free Online & Mobile Banking, Bill Pay and E-Statements.

People' s Bank Debit Mastercard | People' Bank

PLEASE IMPORTANT information about your new MasterCard! Any new Peoples Bank debt MasterCards MUST be capitalised by 30 June 2017. Peoples Bank Visa cards will end on 1 July 2017. We will send you the new MasterCard' s PIN number by post. The use of your EMV-Chip-Debit MasterCard is a quicker, more secure and more comfortable way of payment.

It is also simpler to track expenses and budget planning when you are paying by direct debiting. MastersCard is the only payments provider that offers its U.S. card holders - at no additional charge - service that helps them uncover and correct ID thieves.

Worldwide Debit MasterCard

Benefit from a range of advantages at the highest levels - such as MasterCard's luxurious features and higher purchasing and withdrawing limit values every day. Having the rest of the globe in your purse gives you priority attention, safety and accountability. Best of all, it is built with direct debiting smart smartcard technologies for real worldwide connectivity, increased safety and increased safety.

Benefit from superior after sales services, purchasing and safety benefits: Mastercard Luxushotels & Resorts Portfolios - Receive free room upgrade, early check-in and early check-out upon request, free breakfasts for two, extra conveniences and much more. For more information, please see World Debit MasterCard. At MasterCard Airports Concierge?, you can arrange a designated, committed meet-and-greet travel agent to accompany you around the clock on departures, arrivals and connections to over 450 international airports.

For more information, please see World Debit MasterCard. Pricing protection2 - Pricing protection ensures you the best value for your product that has been paid for with a suitable credit voucher by reimbursing the balance. The MasterCard Identity Theft Alarms3 - When you sign up, you will be notified when the MasterCard Identity Theft Alert determines that your personally identifiable information is being procured or resold on-line.

Global MasterCard www. - Get round-the-clock support. For more information, please see World Debit MasterCard. Null Haftung4 - No matter whether you buy with the MasterCard debt on-line, by telephone or in a business, each acquisition is supported by the zero liability insurance. Deposit smart cards - Your smart cards come with an integrated smart tag for improved scam prevention and an extra level of safety when used with a smart cards scanner.

Increase travel adoption with smart card usage in over 130 markets, with Canada, Mexico and the European Union among them. Read the MasterCard World Debit "Guide To Benefits" for a detailed explanation of the individual advantages and how to use them. Further information on all services is available at 1-800-MASTERCARD.

If you have any queries about your MasterMoney debit card balance, please call 1-800-894-0300.

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