Open Current Account with Bad Credit

Opening a current account with bad credit

You can open our bank account if you have a bad credit rating. Every time a customer enters the door to open a current or savings account, there is a risk factor for the bank. The Early Warning Services is a subscription service for which banks and credit cooperatives pay for use. Learn more about opening a commercial bank account with bad credit from Cashplus. Let's see if a bank account is all it seems to be.

Bank-accounts for bad credit persons

You can open our account if you have a bad credit rating. No credit assessment is carried out. In order to request our current account you must be a UK citizen of 18 years of age or over and have passed a satisfying ID and residence verification. Their credit histories can stop you from opening many of the available banking books on the main highways.

Your credit rating is no longer a concern at Secure ?rust Bànk. Frequently referred to as simple checking account, bad credit checking account are conceived to help you administer your funds. Our account gives you all the advantages and guarantees of an incumbent banking institution and additional help to keep your financial situation under budget management.

If you are in bankruptcy, in a credit risk mitigation scheme or in an individual voluntary agreement (IVA), we will make a base account available to you. There is a setup charge of 12.50 and a maintenance charge of 12.50 pounds per month to open our account. How is our current account different?

Account is delivered with a MasterCard prepaid credit line. A prepaid credit is different from a debit or credit in that you first have to top up the credit and you can only pay the amount you put on the credit. The MasterCard® badge is recognized in over 30 million stores around the world.

Reward up to 4% in real money by using your MasterCard prepaid card at over 35 large merchants such as Argos, Boots and Marks and Spencer. What is this, a real money account? Yes, Secure ?rust Bànk, incorporated in 1954, is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority and governed by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority.

We have a bankaccount open to all UK resident 18 and older. While we will verify the identities of all requests, we will not verify creditworthiness. Deposit your salaries, allowances or services and create standing orders and direct debit and we will create a Secure ?rust Bànk MasterCard prepaid credit line.

Bad credit histories or bankruptcies will not stop you from opening our account. Your account could be opened today if you successfully complete your ID and residence tests.

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