Open Bank Account with no Minimum Deposit

Create a bank account without a minimum deposit.

You will receive a free Ally checking account when you open a savings account with them. With FirstBank you will find the right bank account for your needs. There are no fees and no minimum deposit. Combine other bank accounts for incoming and outgoing transfers. There are no fees or minimum requirements for Personal Savings.

Types of accounts | First State Bank

Simple verification - A simple current account with a low minimum credit limit. Periodic Review - A Full Account Serviced. When a handling is charged, it is $4 plus taxes per monthly, with the first 20 cheques being free and $10 for each direct debiting. There is no processing fees for student, individual National Insurance or other nonprofit organizations.

Verification NOW - An interest-bearing current account. There is no processing fee if the account is at least $800 or the mean day's total is $1,600. When a handling fee is charged, it is $5 plus taxes per monthly, with the first 30 cheques being free and $10 for each direct debiting.

The interest rates vary depending on your account status. The Eagles Circle Check - A customized current account developed for those aged 50 and over. The FSB Benefit Check - A user-defined current account developed for people aged 65 and over. Hi-fi Check - An interest-bearing account with transactions restrictions.

The account allows 3 cheques, bills of exchange, credit cards or third party payments & 3 pre-authorised automated or phone payments per account statements lifecycle. The interest is added each and every months and added to the account each and every months. When more than 6 trades are completed in a bank account history period, a $2 charge is made for each subsequent trade.

Sparbuch - An interest-bearing account. Twenty dollars minimum deposit to open an account. The interest is added up every three months and added to your account every three months. Money transferred from a bank account to third persons by means of pre-authorised, automated, phone or computerised transfer is restricted to 6 per months, whereby no more than three may be transferred to third persons by cheque, bill of exchange, direct debiting or similar means.

Certificate of Deposit - An interest-bearing account. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries.

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With our wide range of saving deposits, you can select the right account for your objectives or your place in the world. Find out more about each of our saving options below, visit a store or open your account now. There is a function for all saving accounts: This is a secured, sure and interest-bearing account that will help you conserve and increase your funds.

* Unable to meet minimum credit requirement $6.99 per month service charge. Get a competitively priced interest and the opportunity to write cheques with our investment savings account. Characteristics include: *$12.99 per month service charge if minimum credit requirement is not satisfied. This account was developed for our SLC members and offers the opportunity to get interest, savings and other advantages.

The account* is intended to help young people under the ages of 18 acquire life-long saving abilities. *Grown-up co-owner is obligated to open an account. This account* is developed for teens up to 18 years of age to help kids build good asparagus lifestyles by receiving a stamp and prize for every $5.00 deposit they make. *Grown-up co-owner is obligated to open an account.

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