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SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) - Ethiopian Airlines and Hibret Bank have launched the first co-branded debit card. The Ethiopian Airlines and Hibret Bank have launched the first co-branded debit card designed to give Ethiopian Sheba Miles members bonus miles for their customers. The Cooperative Bank of Oromia is a private commercial bank in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Airlines and Hibret Bank are launching a co-branded debt card that promises luxurious advantages.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's main town, follows the modern architecture, often at the cost of its old legacy. Everywhere in the town, empire building in the tradition of Ethiopia is becoming rarer and rarer. ETHIBRET BANK and ETHIBRIAN Airlines have introduced the first co-branded credit cards to the market, designed to give credit points to members of Sheba Millions for their expenses with their credit cards.

ShebaMiles members are entitled to 5 loyalty points on the new charge for every 100 bulb issue with the co-branded credit voucher. Commenting on the start of the co-branding, Tewolde GebreMariam, Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, said: "We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with Hibret Bank for the co-branding programme, which is an excellent value promise for all our ShebaMiles members.

While we continue to expand our client portfolio, the co-branded programme gives us an advantage and allows Sheba Miles members to benefit from extra discounts by comfortably using the co-branded Debit at United Bank POS devices to pay for all their purchases, meals, travels or other payment. Taye Dibekulu, Hibret Bank Chairman, said: "The new co-branding with Ethiopian, which took shape on New Year's Day 2019, will provide a win-win relationship for at least four gamers, among them Hibret Bank, Ethiopian Airlines, the co-branded ticket holder and Dealers.

Hibret Bank also noted that it will increase its cardholder numbers by increasing the number of POS terminals in its merchants' locations, beyond the advertising advantages it will gain from working with Ethiopia, Africa's most rapidly expanding carrier. Ethiopia also profits from the fact that it is expanding its client portfolio through a non-flight programme.

On the other side, shoppers have the opportunity to earn additional mileage from the off-flight area, while retailers generate more revenue by reselling their goods and service through the POS. Hibret Bank's new co-branded cards are available in all Hibret Bank branch offices.

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