Fresh Start Checking Accounts

New start in account verification

It' never too late to start over. The Fresh Start current account gives members who want to restore their financial health the support they need. Superior offers a "new start" for our members who have had a difficult time managing their current account in the past. The Fresh Start Checking is for people who have been prevented from opening a current account due to a ChexSystems entry or previous problems with their account. Start a fresh start today!

New start Current account | Sky Federal Credit Union | Park County, MT - Gallatin County, MT

It' never too late to start over. The Fresh Start current accounts give members who want to restore their good finances the help they need. It is our right to terminate this bank transfer at any given moment and within a reasonable period of timeframe. Your choice to terminate the User Agreement will not have any effect on your outstanding liabilities to us, whether or not you are obligated to make any payments or incur any fee or charge due to us in advance of your cancellation.

There will be no deposit acceptance and no cheques payment after the bank closing. Sky Federal Credit Union verification of the remainder, if any, will be sent to the holder of the bank statement at the location listed in our most recent record. Members who have $500 or less to verify recoveries at another entity may use this bankroll.

We need a CSA at the opening to help the member make the repairs and enhance their loan. You may not use this bank card for business activities and there is one (1) bank card per social security number.

At the end of six (6) month of sound investment in this current without NSF charges, the member has the opportunity to switch to another kind of current.

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Superior offers a "new start" for our members who have had a hard period managing their current accounts in the past. The Fresh Start current accounts are delivered with a direct debit but without cheques. Whilst not allowing Courtesy Pay or ATM payments, it gives the member the opportunity to open a current bank statement, review their previous loan histories and, after only a year of sound service, be converted to a Superior Current Bank Statement with hard cheques.

Everyone needs a fresh start! To help the federal authorities combat the financing of terrorist attacks and illicit funds, federal legislation demands that all banks obtain, review and store information that will identify every individual opening an orbit.

If you open a new Credit Union Superior Credit Union will ask for your name, postal adress, date of your birthday and other information that will allow us to recognize you. Any new accounts opened with a cheque will be blocked. Permission is required for all accounts.

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