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Comparison of U.S. Bank and Chase: Free-of-charge current account

Finding a bank that provides fair prices on their "free" current account can be hard, but there are still a few out there that provide real free current account and many other bonuseservices. Chase Bank and U.S. Bank are two of the biggest commercial bankers offering free current account facilities.

Note, however, that "free" account numbers usually only eliminate service charges. Let us take a look at some of the characteristics of the current account products that the two institutions offer. The U.S. Bank provides a free current account with a relatively low opening margin. We do not charge any montly service fee or require a minimal credit account for this kind of free current account.

Any ATM transaction processed through U.S. Bank cash machines is also free of cost. U.S. Bank provides a credit cards and reward system with its free current account and free online bank with invoice payment. In addition, this bank has a fully integrated portable bank system that is interoperable with many web-based portable terminals, so you can verify your account on the go with all your favorite functions.

The U.S. Bank files all cheques in electronic format and returns cancelled cheques free of cost. Free current account does not pay interest on deposits. Chase Bank has a few different choices to make when it comes to free current account. Dependent on the amount of the opening funds you wish to fund your account with and the minimal overnight funds you have in your account, the current account you select may be free of charges and does not incur a subscription or processing fees.

Just about all Chase current accounts need a small amount of money to open a free current account. As a rule, there are no processing charges when you make a number of ATM purchases into your account - use Chase to verify the precise charges directly - over a specified timeframe or use their service of making deposits directly on a per-month base.

While Chase also provides free ATM transaction services at Chase Bank ATM sites, a very small charge is levied for the use of other banks' cash machines. Chase Bank will return your funds to your account if your credit is used without authorization. The Chase Bank also provides free on-line bill payments as well as a free wireless bank for your cellular telephone or other wireless device.

It' important to remember that Chase Bank free current bank account does not charge interest on the funds in your account. It is not only advisable to check your bank against each other, but it is also important that you check different current account selections available within the same bank system. Today, most of today's financial institutions provide comparative analysis and charting services on their Web sites to help you select the right account and schedule.

Browse the small letters, check your account, and select according to your real bank requirements.

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