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According to some proposals for small businesses bank accounts without account maintenance fees. Regardless of what you may think, there are free banking services. There are three ways banks make money with bank accounts: Discover lets you connect your account to a savings account or money market account and get a free wire transfer whenever your account needs the money. There is no minimum balance and no monthly fee.

Best-of-breed free small business/corporate bank accounts : FromFinance

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This is why we have set up a current accounts system where everyone generates 1.00% return (APY)* on all assets. In addition, qualified T-Mobile Wi-Fi subscribers who sign up for discounts and make a monthly $200 or higher payment will receive 4.00% APY* on credit up to $3,000. Everybody gets free entry to over 55,000 free Allpoint cash machines around the world (more than Bank of America, Chase or Wells Fargo) and free bank draft, no bank charge, no service fee and no credit at all.

1 ) You are signed into a Qualified T-Mobile Wi-Fi plan; 2) You have signed up for benefits with your T-Mobile ID; and 3) You have made at least $200 of Qualified Cash deposits to your bank giro within the applicable calendar months. Advertising inserts are not permitted against the $200 in inserts.

Provided you fulfil this obligation in a particular period, we will provide you with this service in the following period as added value, provided all other conditions are fulfilled. Credits over $3,000 on the current account earns 1.00% APY. APY for this level will be between 4.00% and 2.79% according to your bankroll () calculated on the basis of an $5,000 day credit.

Clients who do not qualifiy for the 4.00% APY will receive 1.00% APY on all current accounts for each month (s) in which they do not comply with the above mentioned conditions. You can find further information under Bank Statements / General Business Conditions.

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