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This is BBVA Compass Bank-West Rosedale, Banks. Obtain instructions, reviews and information for BBVA Compass in Brownsville, TX. The Compass Bank Building is located near the corner of Texas Avenue and Southwest Parkway. Simultaneously, Compass Bank also filed a motion to dismiss City Bank's claims under the Texas Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act. The BBVA Compass Bank Temple, Texas.

Work at BBVA Compass Bank in Dallas, TX: 51 Ratings

A great place to work, great executives and great people. Once I experienced privileged access, but overall a very equitable business. While I wish there were possibilities for internal business expansion, I seem to have surpassed them in my present role. Senior managers may lose contact with mid-level managers and below.

It' s a great place to work. Our aim is to help you find great businesses. Does this evaluation help you to find out more about your work at BBVA Compass Bank? If you are just a new banking professional beginning to get your bearings in the finance sector, BBVA Compass is a good place to work.

It is not a seasonal bank manager business that has a wish to encourage. This bank is great, except for the group I was in. There was a terrible level of managment and an intolerable amount of work. All 1 and 1/2 years, several individuals resign and try to take on more but bad managements and intolerable workloads throw everyone off track.

It' s a very beautiful workplace and the folks who work there are very kind and co-operative and also very motivated to work and the warm welcome is also very good for the employer. Worked for a Compass Bank forerunner. Took a while to get a decent pay.

The operational service packet was outstanding. The staff were able to contribute a great deal to the HR department and I have the opportunity to bring about changes in the Group. Lending business and the retail bank were separated. The group was recruited to help implement process and procedure for a wide range of case loading data for REO Asset Managers.

After agreeing to setup all our data we worked with REO Asset Managers to complete and maintain all our data properly and on time. The number of cases declined as our country's economies began to improve. Unexperienced manager who came on board in the middle of the trial. My first post at BBVA was my first post graduate work.

I wouldn't suggest it as accommodation for the remainder of your careers, but it certainly has opened some outside door for better options. From the very first job as a cashier I began to know nothing and came to the job where I could run staff, give credit and do all kinds of bank related work.

Often the organisation listens to employees' requests and allows certain invoices to be presented to the organisation for reimbursement. Bank is based in Houston, Texas, and is part of the broader Spanish-based bank. It'?s the biggest bank in Mexico. The BBVA/Compass is striving to increase its on-line visibility. Good workplace...long story with the bank...good people...good choice of products...good choice of products...would still be working there if I wasn't Rif'd on a budget cutting plan........more

Excellent workplace, funny folks, good working time, credit review, expert opinion, environment, assurance and thesis and leases, management is great.

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