City Union Bank Credit Card

Downtown Bank Credit Card

The use of a City Union Bank Credit Card opens up a variety of possibilities. City Union Bank Limited is an Indian bank. Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Onyx and Sapphire Sts. - Attention: Cards - Verify - Car Loans - Home Loans - Independent Advantage - Calculators - ATMs. You will also need to submit your City Union bank account, Passbook, Cheque Book, debit and credit cards.

CUB Credit Card - How to register?

Order of this credit card will bring you smooth transaction. You will receive a PDF picture of the map for immediate use and processing. Here all data necessary for the purchase such as name of the card holder, card number and expiration date are displayed. You' ll certainly be pleased to know that City Union Bank allows you to select a time deposit that you have with them and connect it to your credit card.

Their time deposits are extended automaticly and brings you further interest, whereby you generate more funds over your Konto with time deposits linkage. Better yet, you don't have to queue up while you wait to receive your card. Some trustworthy bank employee will be pleased to supply your card to your door in just 1 to 2 workingdays.

Requesting your own City Union Bank Titanium credit card is child's play. The only thing you need to do is to go to the bank's website, login to your City Union Bank Net Banking account and submit your on-line resume from there. We will ask you for your job and your personally identifiable information to verify that you are authorized to receive a credit card.

In order to submit an application, the bank has only two essential requirements that you must meet. Part of this is to be a City Union Bank depositor who has a net bank balance and a time deposits with the bank. In case of approval, you will receive a credit line of up to 80% of your time deposits or a total of 3 Lakh.

Possessing a City Union Bank Credit Card brings with it a great deal of responsibilities. Whilst there are no entry or renewal charges, you must make sure that your time deposits have more than the necessary amount in your bankroll. An additional fee you must consider is the montly service fee, which ranges from 170 to 220 francs, based on the montly credit demand for your time deposits.

Overall, if you are a City Union Bank client (or think about becoming one) and looking for an easier way to get your own credit card, this is the way to go. CUB Titanium Credit Card is the best way to shop on-line - even from home.

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