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Sorry but this information is not available on the Bank's official website. Any of the most popular commercial bank account options for small businesses? Chase Total Business current account. I didn't always have a Chase checking and savings account. Chase Bank Premier Platinum current account deposits are insured with Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

FAQ Administer your account: Kontof├╝hrung, paperless excerpts

My credentials: The APR means APR is the APR (Annual Percentage Ratio). Yearly interest is the price for loans, measured as an average per year. In order to calculate the periodical interest rates, multiply the effective interest by 12 month. In order to calculate a periodical interest day, multiply the effective interest by 365-day. Take a look at our 0% APR Introductory credits clock.

Q. How much is an interest burden? Interest settlement is the total amount of interest on your bank account. Interest charges are subdivided according to flow types: purchase, advance payments and balances carried forward. You will be charged interest on these sales if you are paying less than the full remaining amount after the due date of your purchase (or if your major bank does not have an interest-free period).

Loans for payment in kind and balances transferred do not have an interest-free periode. Q. What is a loan exposure? Also known as a line of credit, your line of credit represents just the amount of money you can use to purchase goods and provide a service. Q. What is a periodical installment? Interest rates are interest rates that can be charged by a lender on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual account deficit.

Q. Which is a line of credit? This is the amount from your total credit line that is available for your revolving credit facility. Generally, bank advance payments comprise ATM advance payments, over-the-counter (OTC) revolving loans, same-day online advance payments, current account protection revolving advance payments, revolving advance payments, bar equivalents and any applicable transactions commission.

Q. Available revolving line of credit? This is the amount of money on your debit side that is currently available for your current use. Q. How much is my line of sight? Your line of sight can be viewed on your invoice, on your bank card's account information page, or by contacting our support team.

Q. Which is a Credentialvereinbarung? This is a contract between you and Chase that sets out the details of a customer's account and constitutes a legally enforceable covenant. Also included in the Arrangement are the APR, the minimal monthly payments format, the yearly charges and the settlement procedures.

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