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Most Frequently Asked Queries

Company ID is an ID issued by the bank for corporate clients that is used to gain BIS iBanking login. Bank sends your company ID to the superuser's e-mail inbox. Which is the Super User ID? Superuser ID is a superuser ID associated with the BIZ iBanking by the bank.

Superuser is the individual authorised to carry out any activity on Business's behalf and may authorise others to carry out certain activities. Then the bank sends the ID of the superuser to his e-mail adress. Which is the user ID? User ID is a unique identifier given to the user by the superuser that allows him to carry out certain operations.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) is the number a superuser needs to register with the duty for the first and foremost. Your bank will provide you with the bank identification number and the superuser will receive it by recorded delivery. Which is a passwort? Passphrase is a cryptographic key necessary to gain BIZ iBanking privileges.

Both the superuser and the user define their own passwords. Is the token passphrase what? A token passphrase is a number created by the token that is made available to the superuser, approver, and account maintainer to login to BIZ iBanking. Both the superuser and the approver only have 15-minute time to use the token passphrase when it becomes known.

If I forgot my Super User ID or User ID, what should I do? When you are the superuser, please call Bualuang Phone 1333 or (66) 0 2645 5555. If you are the user, however, please notify your superuser. If I want to modify the superuser, what do I do?

They have to be signed in front of a bank employee. How do I react if I loose the token, if the token gets corrupted or if I need another token? They have to be signed in front of a bank employee. If I want to reset my username, what should I do?

How should I do if I type in the incorrect password? If you are a superuser, you can type the incorrect password three different time before the system blocks your use. If I entered the incorrect passphrase, what should I do? A superuser can type the incorrect passphrase three different time before the system blocks your account.

The system will be unlocked and rolled back so that you can login with your login code instead of your login name.

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