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I' ve had some reluctance for some considerable length of my life to bank with BBVA after the ATM in the store took 20 Euro of my cash last year, but it was never given back. The same thing took place on Friday, March 29, 2019, except that this was 170 Euro and it was at 9.30 pm.

Panicking and issuing many threatening statements, I always suspected BBVA of doing the right thing. I' m pleased to inform you that the funds have been returned to my bank and I am very thankful that both the headquarters and the subsidiary have done this for me. Anybody who doubts the effectiveness of this bank, please don't.

I' d suggest this bench and the Rojales office to anyone. Many thanks BBVA for your help. Mccarthy PS ) The on-line chats services are outstanding. b bbva seguros: evil as always! I' ve never had such poor insurances before. Poorest ever set of services. I' m going to be closing my accounts with you very soon.

The BBVA Portugal. Those smart bastards are something else, last year they implemented a montly "maintenance" charge, I would like to know what kind of support my accounts need. Not at BBVA! Poorest ever client support! At last in the evenings I got an Englishman who could answer my question (closing my banking).

They wanted to do it without telling me the charges or let me take out the money that was in my wallet. Don't open an BBVA affiliate now. This is the most futile and rude client support a banking institution has ever experienced. There was a bug with my credits card (they are all blocked!) because of a lack of information in their system and they could not help me because I had to go to a store personally.

Living abroad, I chose to keep my banking account in Spain, and when I asked for a resolution, they said that there was NO resolution except to call the store. The answer was: "I can't do anything about it, you have to keep phoning and call until they will hopefully answer"...incredible for such a BBVA label!

When I decided to open an account-with you, I specifically asked if there were any fees for making payments internationally. I' ll change banks as soon as I can. It' s not clear what the particulars of each deal are and it's difficult to figure out what each deal was, even if they call support, they won't give you that information.

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