Bbva Compass Scams

The Bbva Compass Fraud

Scams and phishing scams have been reported. Rose's family went to a local BBVA Friday to try to cash the check. Fraudsters also set up fake accounts with Elavon and BBVA Compass. It says on their website that the money will be transferred to an account at BBVA Compass. The BBVA Compass Banking services are offered by our partner bank (Compass Bank, member FDIC).

Learn how to detect cheating emails

Telling scammers that you're being tricked into revealing your personally identifiable information is what's known as Phishing. Scammers can manipulate the information in an e-mail to make their spam appear even more legit. And if you think an e-mail is being phished, don't respond to e-mails, text, or pop-ups that ask for your personally identifiable or financially sensitive information.

Unauthorized organizations do not require you to transmit sensitive information through insecure canals. When you think the e-mail is suspect, call the company in the e-mail to make sure it's a valid e-mail. While scammers use different strategies in their Phishing activities, there are some shared items that you should be familiar with.

Telephish can greet the client with an absurd message or not by name. That' s not because scammers don't know how to spelt - it's because the phonetic filter doesn't block the phonetic message. Maybe you even see a wrongly spelled name. Note if the originator specifies a private e-mail as the postal code instead of the corporate one.

If you suspect that a file is appended to an e-mail, you may be downloading viruses, trojans orpyware.

Hints for Avoiding Fraud

General scams involve on-line dating, cash transfers, work from home and remission fraud. Do not give your current bank accounts, debit cards or social security numbers by telephone unless you make the call or know who you are talking to. Immediately alert your banks when you get a call from a suspect person pretending to be representing the bank and asking for bank information "to check a statement" or "to give a prize".

Kompass Bank alerts clients to fraud

Jacksonville, Fla-Gail Bryan and her man have limitless text messages on their mobile telephones, but when they both got an uncommon text message that claimed to be from the Compass Bank, she knew something was wrong. "Bryan said, "I found it odd that I didn't have an account with Compass Bank.

Gail phoned the number in the text, she got a shot with a caution. "Your credit cards were compromise," it said. Click 1 to re-activate your credit card," said Bryan. As Bryan said, the news she welcomed affected her, so she hanged and phoned the compass bench.

Bryan explained: "We do not write our clients news". We' ve worked really hard for our retirements, and I don't want a slice of trash to come in and take my money," Bryan said. The Compass Bank staff warn clients on their website, explain the deceptive text messaging and tell clients not to react to the messaging.

"A number of deceptive text messages have been alerted to BBVA Compass instructing clients to call the banks and give details of individual information such as social security and credit cards numbers. Clients should not reply to the deceptive text message. This message does not come from the BBVA and the telephone numbers it contains are not BBVA compass cables.

Deceptive news does not seem to be confined to BBVA Compass clients. In case you have already replied to any of these mails, please immediately get in touch with your bank."

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