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Compass Bbva Investment Banking

Leads a team within the brokerage division of BBVA Compass Investment Solutions. Airport Banking AssociƩ de BBVA Compass Investment Banking. Dallas See site in Dallas, USA Not applicable BBVA No career opportunities. Financial Consultant, BBVA Compass Investment Solutions. <

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You need the detail you need to make an intelligent choice.

"BCIS", the members FINRA and SIPC and a subsidiary of Compass Bank. a subsidiary of Compass Bank. The investment advice is provided by BBVA Wealth Solutions, Inc. "Ltd " ("BWS"), a licensed investment advisor and a subsidiary of Compass Bank. Option dealing involves significant risks and is not suitable for all types of investor.

BCIS will always be your point of reference to check the amount available on the basis of your portfolios before applying for a marginal loan transaction. Sometimes the loss in value of the underlying instrument may be so great that it may be necessary to dispose of part or all of the underlying instrument in order to meet the part of the exposure specified in the collateral loan agreement.

For this reason, the investors must be conscious of the risk associated with this kind of accounts. In order to obtain important information relating to FDIC Guarantee, please read thoroughly the policy for all Equity-linked CD's you are investing in through your BCIS Accounts. Morningstar: Morningstar Investment Management LLC ("Morningstar") is a incorporated investment advisor and a fullyowned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc.

The Morningstar Group does not act as an investment advisor to retail clients and is not related to BWS or its related companies. BTWS has mandated Morningstar to develop portfolio management plans for BTWS and its finance consultants. No warranty, express or tacit, is made by Morningstar as to the results that may be obtained from the use of the information it provides.

The Morningstar is not liable for the display of service stats and other information. Morningstar's presented RTQ (Risk Tolerance Questionnaire) is a instrument made available to Business Continuity Management through a licensing contract between Morningstar and Business Continuity Management. RTQ is provided for education only and is intended solely to help you and ESPE determine your overall ability and attitudes to risks.

The RTQ takes into account only the personally identifiable and unidentifiable information you have provided and not all of the necessary elements to make an investment choice. RTQ results should not be regarded as the only information resource used to tailor your investment needs and goals to a particular asset class or investment strategy.

It is not guaranteed that the RTQ or its valuation methodology will accurately measure a person's exposure to risks or attitude to gain or loss, or that the use of the RTQ will produce an appropriate wealth distribution that adequately represents your capacity to manage investment risks. Finally, you have the ultimate choice of whether to choose to reinvest in an investment portfolios and its suitability for your own specific investment needs and goals, which may differ from the RTQ description, or on the basis of supplemental information not covered by the RTQ.

Use of the RTQ should in no way be considered as consulting or building a consulting relationship with Morningstar. Every suggestion that BWS may or may not make, for which it has to a certain degree trusted the RTQ, is at the free judgement of BWS. Use of the RTQ should not be interpreted as a way for BWS to support Morningstar's investment recommendations.

You should contact a finance expert and obtain the brochure of the finance instrument (or equivalent) and study it thoroughly before making an investment. 2018 Morningstar Investment Management LLC. Security and insurance products:

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