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Welcome Chad Ballard, Director of Mobility and New Digital Business Technologies at BBVA Compass. The BBVA Compass Field Tickets for events in Birmingham are now available. Sell and buy your BBVA Compass Field Event Tickets today. We are still in awe of the BBVA Compass Iron City Showdown! Many thanks to everyone for an electric basketball night in Birmingham!

Extensive refurbishment of BBVA compass field

BIRMINGHAM, Ala - The Alabama System Board of Trustees on Friday authorized key upgrade projects for the BBVA compass field, including a 4,000-seater tribune to expand seat capacities to over 5,000 and a 20x40 Videoboard. "The UAB already has an excellent football heritage, but these enhancements to our facilities will give our trainers and students an even better opportunity to present their programmes and rival with even more leverage."

Modernisation of the facilities will be accompanied by a UAB /Birmingham Legion Football Club alliance to accommodate its USL pros on the BBVA compass field on the UAB grounds. The Legion FC will have 17 home games in the current year ( changes reserved ) and possibly more in the Open Cup.

"Thank you for the University of Alabama system and its partnering in this choice, and we are hopeful that the outcome will only improve the development of the Birmingham football community," said Jay Heaps, Legion FC President and General Manager. The UAB has an eight-year rental contract with the Birmingham Legion Football Club, which will attract around 20 different activities and over 100,000 spectators per year to the city.

"It' s a central location with plenty of car parks and convenient motorway access," said Lee Styslinger III, Altec president and chief executive officer and co-owner of Birmingham Legion FC. "There are also several facilities close by that can be used both before and after the matches - from eateries to artisan beer shops and more. We' re delighted to be partnering with such a formidable fellowship partner."

"The UAB is proud to be working with Legion FC and the USL to help provide this important complement to Birmingham's burgeoning sporting and recreational landscape," said UAB President Ray L. Watts, "We look forward to welcome Blazer and Legion football enthusiasts to the BBVA Compass Field, where they will benefit from the extension and enhancement of the facilities now cleared by the University of Alabama System Board of Trustees.

More information about UAB's men's and women's football and the Birmingham Legion can be found at UAB_MSOC, UAB_WSOC and @bhmlegion on Twitter and Instagram.

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