Bbva Compass Bank Reviews and Ratings

Compass Bbva Bank Reviews and Ratings

If you compare banks, you will probably first look for those you know by name. The BBVA Compass Bank is a full-service bank with a strong online banking platform. Cristopher de Gainesville, FL Réviseur vérifié. The sales targets are under high pressure and extremely impossible for a bank with surprisingly little traffic. Mostly not recommended.

Reviews pour BBVA Compass, "objectifs de vente

Selling targets are not hard. No great managerial assistance or any kind of workout. Being a cashier, I was supposed to be selling many of my clients' wares. Extremely high targets for our turnover, which were not achieved by any of our co-workers, and we were continually censured. Don't let your front line personnel bother your clients, be more open to trainings.

It used to be a great place with a feeling for a small bank and a big emphasis on client services. There is no adequate education for newcomers. It is not possible to create a sale listing, but there are enormous selling targets, e.g. Stop asking banks to resell goods that don't work well.

Repair the system and then press the Sell button. Conversely, folks just make them look terrible. Ability to acquire and personally engage with clients at all revenue levels. In addition, the ability to purchase and sell securities and services is a great way to increase your revenue. At the front I learnt finances and had the possibility to see both good and poor customs of clients, employees and senior manager.

Working environments, teams and managers hold or loose staff. Unrealistic targets for retail outlets on the basis of store transport. Very little to no managerial assistance. In comparison to other financial institutions, the underlying technologies are lagging behind. Compass can be implemented in the Not Chase Bank and your selling process can be redesigned. Explore the bank sector, service, meet a lot of inside and outside bank and make a lot of friends.

Work in a large multinational bank in a highly qualified team. Enhance your staff and selling capabilities. Do you have a product that no other bank has? Anticipations of the revenue targets are very high. Senior managers are not in line with front line staff. Bad commercialization of the business on television and television station. Wonderful guys you can work with most of the while.

Humans are willing to educate each other so that everyone is succeeding. A number of sites have very high selling targets and Zero Walks in traffic are willing to think outside the box. What's more, they have a lot to offer. We will notify you that you may be eligible to earn a three-month incentives bonuses to achieve your revenue targets. Only in June was the 2011 Employee Benefit Guideline made available to staff, and even then it was not clear which qualifying product was available.

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