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BBVA Compass requires a minimum deposit to open a CD, but offers above-average interest rates across the industry. Which are the advantages of BBVA Compass CDs? Have a look at what your friends say about BBVA Bancomer. The BBVA Compass Bank (NYSE: BBVA, MAD: BBVA), formerly known as Compass Bank, is one of the largest banks in the United States of America. Market-linked CD (MLCD) is also referred to as stock-linked CD, market-indexed CD or simply indexed CD.

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Below you will find 2 CD prices that BBVA Compass is offering. You can use the filter to enhance or extend your CD guessing. Bids that originate from paid advertiser are marked as "Sponsored" on the detail page of the bid. Advertisements may affect how and where offerings appear on this website (e.g. in what order they appear).

In addition, unsponsored bids were not examined or accepted by the bidding entity. Following a CD or money market teaser everything drops to 0.1%, and they give no chance not to prolong. Unless you have to monitor the tariff daily and take it off the CD, you will be charged 1% plus $25.

I' m going to shut the accounts down and settle over $1,500, but better leave a penny at this house to go down with all the fines and surcharges. I' ll never do deals with Compass again. Now I have requested an MM Online Money Market Money Market Money Market Money Market account for a promotion of 1.1%.

Responding to the request, they argued that they could not check my identity and asked me to go to one of their branches. Having checked the identities and the branches, they said they couldn't keep the promotion rates because I didn't apply on-line and offer me a B.S. rating of 0.1% instead of the 1.1% applied. A clear fraud to attract clients to their branches, they never wanted to keep the promotion at all.

When this is the way this particular institution does its business, it is better to keep away from it. It is the most bad banking practice I have had in many years of working with them. My interaction with BBVA Compass is very enjoyable. Tillman's Corner's Alabama office cashiers and customer advisors are astonishing.

You are kind and always ready to help with any question I may have when requesting and selecting the best saving option. If, in a given period, several interest coupons were available for this particular item in our data base according to different searches, the above chart shows the minimum interest coupon registered.

Prior to making an enrolment, always inquire with the enrolling institute (i.e. your local banking establishment, cooperative society, other lender) about tariffs, charges and any additional information attached to the enrolment.

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