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King's Place, London, Great Britain. of BARCLAYS BANK PLC LONDON, Barclays Bank Plc / Financial Consultant. Locate the right BIC / SWIFT code with our Barclays Bank Plc SWIFT Code Finder. Locate the nearest bank in your city. and Barclays Bank plc has offices in London.


This is a default Bank Identifier Identification Information (BIC) for a particular bank and a single identifier for that bank. They are used for interbank funds transfer, in particular for cross-border transactions. Bankers also used the passwords to exchange other communications between them. For the Swift key, the character is 8 or 11.

If an 8-digit key is specified, it relates to the main bureau. By sending or receiving an interbank transfer with your bank, you can loose cash and thus incur charges if the currency conversion rates are poor. This is because the bank is still using an old system for exchanging currency.

TransferWise is recommended, which is usually much less expensive. You' ll always get a great currency conversion and a low advance charge. They move your cash as quickly as the bank and often also more quickly - some currency is processed in a few moments. Yours currency is secured by bank collateral. Registration of Swift Code is carried out by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication ("SWIFT") based in La Hulpe, Belgium.

Weft is a trademark of S.W.I.F.T. SCRL with our legal domicile in Avenue Adèle 1, B-1310 La Hulpe, Belgium. Transfer MoneySave yourself the cost of overseas charges by using TransferWise, which is 5x less expensive than banking. Get MoneyGet remunerated at the actual foreign currency conversion rates by using TransferWise.

United Scam Victims: London UK Barclays Bank

Bank Plc. Barclays. Twenty-sixth floor one Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP Reg. Head Payment Director, Corporate Services Division und Leiter der Swift Transfer Unit der Barclays Bank London UK. Some time ago your funds were transferred in our bank from the National Lotto Group here in England to our bank and after some time the funds were returned to their treasure chamber.

However, for the duration that this funds was at our bank, it earned interest of US$ 800,000.00, which we will immediately send to you by international bank remittance through one of our respective banks in the USA. You must hurry for your information and consultation to collect this funds, because from case to case the National Lotus Group auditor comes to our bank to review our records and our finance updates, the sooner you meet the requirements of the funds remittance, the quicker the complaint will be, because if the auditor arrives and determines that its interest funds are still with our bank, they will recall the interest accumulated on the lottery treasure accounts.

We need you to provide us with any type of ID card, such as your foreign ID or driver's licence, your phone and facsimile numbers for simple communications with your bank account and your home or if you would like this funds to be disbursed to you in some other way that you think would be more convenient for you in the meantime, forward your bank account information to us.

In fact, we do not have enough spare times to spend, as we have spent our efforts trying to find the best way to get in touch with you, as we do not have a telephone number, so try to meet all the necessary requirements for processing the transactions by going to the address below.

Best regards, Barclays Bank London UK.

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