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Arbeit, Head of Customer Services @ barclaycard. Learn more about Barclaycard in JerseyLearn more about Barclaycard in Jersey (new window). Contact Barclaycard for all inquiries related to Barclaycard Corporate. Here you can find your local Barclaycard. If you need to set up an account for your Barclaycard business, contact a Lightspeed Retail Sales Representative for more information.

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Barclaycard, part of the Barclays Retail and Business Banking segment, is a world leader in providing flexible and acceptable solutions for consumer, retailer, and corporate transactions, as well as the ability to tap into short-term loans when needed. At Barclaycard US, we offer corporate and consumer debit card services in the United States. In order to be able to send your friends a safe email, you must login to your email address and choose the CONTACT with us option.

S. West St. 125 S. West St. 125 S. West St. 125 S. West St. 125 S. West St. 125 S. West St. Investigated by John Galbraith and stored under credit card. PLEASE NOTE: As a convenience to our reader, we publish the name, numbers and e-mail address of the executive managers in charge of corporate client services. When you have a business issue, please consider using our best practice solution strategy.

Don't just mail the Chief Executive or email your inquiry to all your managers at once. Instead, begin with the first contact and then work your way down the dropdown menu. You can' find a name? Either submit a research assistance enquiry or use our established research strategy to find the information you need.

Have you got any business contact that you would like to tell us? Please feel free to contact us if you would like to help. Please contact our lawyers using this contact sheet. EXCLUSION: The name, number and e-mail address on this site are for information only and are considered accurate. Should you notice any inaccuracies, misrepresentations or mistakes, please contact us immediately.

Visa® Barclaycard with Apple and Apple® Awards

Barclaycard Visa with Apple Revards is designed for individuals interested in purchasing from Apple. launched March 25, 2019. This map will not be available until 2019. With Apple and iTunes, credit cards earned 3X points per dollars and restaurant credit earned 3X points per dollars.

Every point is valued at 1 euro penny, so this Apple credit will give you 3% cashback. It provides deferral funding for Apple purchase made within 30 business days of opening the Apple Retail Store Cards. Once your first postponed funding period has expired, you can enable another postponed funding offering by contacting our Client Services team.

As more you disburse, the longer your postponed funding period will be: Please be aware that this is a deferral of interest rate funding rather than a real 0% initial annual percentage rate of charge. This means that if you make a delayed or unpaid settlement, you will be subject to interest which will revert to the date of your original order.

Find out more about this postponed finance offering and how you can use it to make Apple purchase securely and without additional interest. How can I use my Barclaycard Visa with Apple Retail Card/ReWards? You can use this type of Visa debit or debit where Visa debit or debit systems are used.

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