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Online-Banking Security

And what's a biscuit? Computer cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by a Web site you visit. Cookies are the terms used to describe a kind of information that a Web site that you visit sends to your computer's Web browsers.

One of the primary purposes of a web cookie may be to help you determine your identity and possibly create custom web pages or remember your credentials. They also help you improve your browsing experiences. How does a cookie work? In most cases, a Cookie contains a text sequence that contains information about the web browsers.

In order to work, a " cokie " does not need to know where you come from, it just needs to "remember" your webrowser. Certain Web pages use Google Analytics to collect more information about you. Proprietary websites encode this personally identifiable information contained in the cookie to prevent unauthorized use by third parties with access to your cookie folder.

There are six parameter that can be set for cookies: Folder where the cookies are effective - this specifies the relative folder in which the browser is located. Does it malign? They are not badware. As a rule, they do not affect your computer's safety, but there is a burgeoning tendency towards them.

This type of cookie can be used to record and monitor your activities online. A cookie that monitors your online activities is a type of cookie known as a fraudulent or tracked cookie. They are the poor quality cookie you should be aware of as they keep you and your browsing patterns in check in order to create a profiles of your interests over the years.

Today, many anti-virus software identifies unsuspicious spy-ware or addware cookie when they scan your system for a virus.

Safe, simple and comfortable

To begin using Internet Banking, you must complete a safe online banking form and accept the conditions of our Internet Banking Agreement and Disclosure Statement. This can be done by selecting the Register link on this page. As soon as we have received your resume, we will check whether you are eligible for the services.

We will then, usually within 3-5 workingdays, send you your User ID and Password and other information required to gain entry to the SLA. How can I use the simple online bank system? How secure is your online bank? We' ve done everything we can to help ensure your private sphere and your investment in online bank transactions.

Industrial-grade Firewall is in place and the site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technologies to deliver 128-bit encoding of information. That means that the web communication between you and our suppliers and our databases is verified. At present, there is no cost for accessing the core banking site. They are also liable for all bank draft, passbook or other chargeable transaction costs and for any overdraft or NSF commission.

Charges are listed in our latest fee list. To try Internet Banking before registering for the subscription you can do so by following the Login above links and then click on the DMO symbol on the login page.

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