Bank of India Rewards

Rewards of the Bank of India

The BOI Star Rewardz is the loyalty program for Bank of India ATM holders. It is a debit card reward program introduced by SBI. Here is what you need to know about using a credit card in India, how much it can cost you and general fees. Explore ideas about Amazon rewards. Bank of India is one of the best banks in India.

Download BOI Star Rewardz 1.3 for free

The BOI STAR REWARDZ is the Bank of India's trust programme for credit/debit cards. Whenever you use your credit/debit cards to purchase or pay, you receive star points that you can redeem to receive free merchandise and free service. Make purchases with your Bank of India credit/debit cards and start earning star points. They are tantamount to money and can be cashed in to get something for free.

Buy from Max Get More Partnershops to collect points more quickly. Collect points at any business of your choosing for any purchase - your nearest food retailer, health food retailer, food service retailer, general merchandise and more. The only thing you need to do is create a mPoint QR code for the amount you want to cash into your BOI STAR REWARDZ application.

This amount will be paid directly into his bank and your SterPoints will be cashed in for the product/service. If your score is not sufficient, you can use your debit/credit cards to make the payment to create mPoint for the desired value. Alternatively, you can exchange your star points for apps and select from over 10,000 items in our catalog, purchase cinema tickets free of charge and receive the mobile/DTH charge free of charge.

The BOI Star Rewardz is a free food & drink app, part of the Home & Recreation group. The BOI Star Rewardz (Version 1.3) can be found on our website for downloading. We' ve already verified that the downloading links are secure, but for your own safety we suggest that you use your anti-virus to check the downloading process.

You can find the BOI Star Rewardz update since it was published on our website on 03.01.2007 here. Below are the changes in each version:

BOI point redeeming

The Boi Star Rewards application can also be installed and the points used. To learn more about how to earn more rewards, how to review your BOI rewards score, and how to use it for different types of institutions, please click the following link: Wellcome to the world of privileged advantages with the Bank of India Fidelity Programme.

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